Friday, October 21, 2011

Unwashed pots, nakedness and noise...

Posted by Sasha at Friday, October 21, 2011
I woke up this morning at half ten, an hour after my alarm, and frantically got ready for my eleven o clock seminar. Having scolded my mouth whilst downing a boiling hot brew and then almost choking on a piece of lukewarm toast, I suddenly realised. I wasn't in until one o clock. Excellent.

I thought I may as well use my time wisely so I've watched Super Sweet 16 and browsed Facebook. And now, in an attempt to do something slightly intellectual, I'm writing a completely un-intellectual post.

I'm currently living in halls and I absolutely love it. However, I must admit, there are a few drawbacks to this student life. 

Absolutely nothing in our kitchen is clean. There are takeaway boxes everywhere, the bin is overflowing and the sink is full of dirty pots. Even the cutlery drawer is full of carelessly washed forks, which are still stained with yesterdays late night pot noodle. The sponges themselves are probably contaminated too, along with the towels that we haven't washed since the day we arrived.

Yesterday it got to the point where I had to use shower gel to wash my pots (thinking about it now, that would've been a good use for my unwanted, elf sized shower gel).

Sometimes we have an OCD moment and feel the need to completely disinfect everything, but within a matter of hours it looks like a rubbish tip all over again. 

Another thing that I find extremely annoying about living in halls is the people who don't deserve the title of a "student". As far as I'm aware students are meant to spend their days in lectures, piecing together the night before, whilst their evenings have been spent exploring the night life and drinking triple the recommended daily amount of alcohol.

But no, it seems that in these halls, when it gets to eleven o clock, the music has to go off and you can't speak to anyone in more than a whisper. The amount of noise complaints, 'red letters' and threats of fines we have had is unbelievable, even when we've decided to have a quiet one and watch a film. Literally as soon as it hits eleven there's a knock on the door from security and we're told to "keep the noise down". This means our neighbours must have security on speed dial and must seriously count down the minutes until they can ring them. 

Yes, I admit, it's annoying when people stroll in at four in the morning shouting and screaming, but we are in halls, what else would you expect? But seriously, eleven o clock? Who goes to bed at eleven o clock?!

Another drawback to halls is you can't walk around naked. Unfortunately for me (and for my neighbours) I often forget that my bedroom window is visible to approximately thirty other windows. I have walked out of my ensuite on several occasions with nothing on only to realise that my curtains are wide open. It's then that I make the swift dive onto the floor, do a naked army crawl across my room and stretch up to close the curtains. 

The other day I was in the shower and could hear someone banging on my door. I thought it was one of the girls messing around but thought I'd come out of the ensuite to look through my spy hole (I've not made this hole myself, it's one of those peepers you have on hotel doors). However, when I left my ensuite, holding only the corner of a towel in front of me, there was the maintenance man, stood inside my bedroom.

I have no dignity left.

I was holding the towel by the corner. Nothing was left to this guys imagination. We both screamed, he covered his eyes, I covered, possibly a nipple, and then he left.

I was mortified. So mortified that I considered never leaving my room again.

But, two minutes later, he was back in my room, fixing my fan. We both pretended he'd not seen anything. However, we both knew that despite the fake laughs and jokes, he had, and we were equally as embarrassed. 

At this very moment my stomach is gurgling and growling, desperate for some food. Unfortunately, I now only have time to pop in a Snack-a-Jack and a Special K bar, along with a piece of un-buttered bread if I'm lucky. What an appealing combination...


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